Pretty Guardian Angels,
Precious as can be,
Darting through the clouds,
Winging e'er so free.

Looking for a new babe,
To comfort when they cry,
When they go to sleep,
Back to the heavens they fly.

Smiling happy infants,
Bring joy to your souls,
You play so innocently,
Tickling their little toes.

Bringing forth laughter,
Thrilling those so near,
You're tending to the children,
There's nothing for them to fear.

You fly around the heavens,
Always on the alert,
Listening for the cries,
Of a child that's been hurt.

Soothing strokes of your wings,
Calm each crying child,
Wing your way to the heavens,
Only to return in a little while.

Seeking out the children,
Brings a smile to the face,
Of each tiny little angel,
Adorned in heaven's grace.

Gayle Davisİ
June 26, 2005



Music: "Angel"

Sequenced By:  Jack Hall
Used With Permission


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