Once In A Lifetime

Once in a lifetime
God may send someone special
Into the deepest depths of our lives
Someone gentle, sweet and compassionate

A heavenly sister, filled with Gold
With the most brilliant light and shine
She is filled with a great undying love
Of God, his son and has the faith of an angel

Loving unconditionally and forever
From the very bottom of her soul
Never asking for anything in return
But hoping for a mutual love and faith

She will hug and protect her heavenly sister
In times of trouble, heartache and pain
Promise to share all the good times
For she knows in the depths of her heart

It is not good to laugh and love alone
She radiates out laughter, love and joy
To whomever she meets in her path of life
For she always reaches out through the miles

I found my once in a lifetime
Beautiful, gentle Earth Angel
With her gentle sweet loving heart
Filled with symphonic music

Played on a beautiful golden Harp
Echoing out a magnificent melody
Of true sisterly love and faith
From the very bottom of her heart

©Donna Kramer
Dec. 4, 2005



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Music: Once In A Lifetime

Sequenced by: Jack Hall
Permission Given


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