Drink milk it is good for you,
Gives you a lift and vitamins too,
Grab a straw and take a sip,
It taste good as it passes your lips.

Add some chocolate or drink it plain,
It will rejuvenate the aging brain,
Look at the cow, the hub of the farm,
Nothing but goodness, all full of charm.

Now sit a spell and drink with me,
Add a little to your cup of tea,
Freeze it or cook it any ole way,
Milk is versatile day after day.

It is white and good, I don't know how,
This great drink comes from a poor cow,
Yet it is refreshing and quenches my thirst,
I could drink milk 'till my tummy burst.

I like milk in coffee strong,
It helps strengthen brittle bone,
Steaming cocoa ready to brew,
Stay a while I'll join you too.

Gayle Davisİ
November 05, 2005


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