Daddy, please come home,
Me and Mommy are waiting,
I am so very tired tonight,
My bath was just sedating.

I need my good-nite hug,
A big sleep-time squeeze,
I love you my daddy,
Hurry, come home please,

I know you are working late,
Me and teddy wait for you,
I keep looking out the window,
I miss you daddy, oh I do.

Daddy it is dark outside,
Now itís raining too,
Oh daddy, please come home,
We worry so about you.

Teddy is sleepy too daddy,
It is getting really, really late,
I am asking Jesus to lead you home,
So me and teddy don't have to wait.

I know Jesus will take care of you,
I trust Him in every way,
You and mommy taught me,
He's with me each moment of the day.

See I knew you would come home,
I prayed and Jesus heard my prayer,
He is in my little heart forever,
My Jesus really does care.

Now tuck me in bed daddy,
Cover my little teddy too,
He is my night-time buddy,
But, I love you the bestest, I do.

Gayle Davis©
November 15, 2005



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