Let Me Carry You

Remember if youíre sad and lonely
You just donít know what to do
Just remember that I love you
My friend, please let me carry you

I have something I need to tell you
That I have waited to say far to long
That Iíve always needed a good friend
Oh my, Iíve been waiting oh so long

God told me good friends are out there
Just waiting to be loved and to love
So now that I have found you
I am thanking God almighty above

Remember my friend if you need me
Iíll always be right by your side
Just call if you have a load to heavy
For Iíll be your strength and protector

Let me carry you, my friend
To help you lessen your heavy loads
For true friendship is a blessing
A wonderful majestic thing to behold

You see Iím not a fair weather friend
So remember Iím always here for you
With all my love, faith and protection
Until the very day I die

Donna Kramer
May 25, 2005

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