When I Stand

When I stand before Jesus,
Will He know me by my deeds,
Or look away from me in shame,
For I failed to help those in need?

When I am judged by the King,
On the life I've lived below,
Will He welcome me to the fold,
Or sadly command me to go?

When I see Him, will He reach for me,
Greeting me with arms wide open,
Or condemn me for my silence,
His name by me left unspoken?

When I meet my Savior face to face,
Has the work on earth I've done,
Earn me a seat at the banquet table,
Or bar my presence from Father and Son?

Is my heart still pure as new fallen snow,
As when Jesus washed away my sin,
Have I drifted and failed my Lord,
Do I need to kneel before the Cross again?

Is my name written in the Book of Life,
Have I met the requirements as the Bible told,
Will I be clothed in a robe of white,
Have I earned a crown of shining gold?

When I meet my Lord Jesus Christ,
Will I deserve to even stand,
Close to the one that died for me,
Am I worthy of the love of this Man?

Gayle Davisİ
27 May 2006



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