Waiting For You

Sitting here my sweet loved ones
Just waiting here for you
Our Holy Father gave us choices
To choose to do what we are supposed to do

I will always, always love you
Know matter what you ever do
Because your Father has given you
The responsibly of what you say and do

Sometimes I feel so sad and forlorn
When I see the things that temp you
But my Father keeps reminding me
To keep my loving faith in you

It really makes me feel oh so sad
When I see all the material things
Seeming to be the most important
Things in your life for you

Remember how much I love you
Iím always here with you my loves
Please listen when I try to help you
For if you want me, I will be by your side

I really want to help you my loves
In everything you say and do
But my Father tells me, My Son
It has to be their choice, in what they do

For I want them to come and love you
By using their very own free will
For you are my beloved son
Who died on the cross for them

For in your faith and belief in me
Is the way the Father will bring you home
I promise I will always be waiting for you
Believe in me, and you will be welcomed home

Donna Kramer
June 16, 2005






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