Christmas Cheer

Rudolph wants to bring,
The children much Christmas cheer,
To brighten up their little eyes,
This special time of the year.

He decked out his antlers,
In colored balls for you,
A wreath around his neck,
With a flashing nose of red too.

Ribbons trailing from head to foot,
And jingle bells that ring,
A little blue bird rides upon his back,
And Christmas Carols it sings.

You best look out and watch real close,
As Christmas comes this year,
You will see a special site,
When Rudolph comes near.

He will pause out in the yard,
And do his little Christmas dance,
He will bow his decorated head,
Leaving with a practiced prance.

He knows you will be looking,
Laughter to children he'll bring,
His heart will be so happy,
And into the air he'll spring.

Christmas Cheer to you from Rudolph!!!

Gayle Davisİ
December 1, 2005








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Music: Jingle Bells

Sequenced by: Gary Rogers
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