My Grandma's love is everywhere,
It in each room of the house,
My Grandma loves me so much,
When I'm loud or quite as a mouse.

She always has a big hug for me,
And squeezes me really tight,
She plays with me in the mornings,
And helps me say my prayers at night.

My Grandma is fun to play with,
She knows so many different games,
We jump and run and swing and slide,
When she gets tired, old age she blames.

My Grandma don't look old to me,
In her I find a wonderful playmate,
She always has time just for me,
She never makes me sit and wait.

My Grandma's love is all over the place,
It feels so warm and cozy to me,
I know it is there 'cause when I look at her,
It's in the big smiles I see.

Oh me and Grandma have lots of fun,
She teaches me about God's creations,
And tells me I can go to His home in the sky,
If in my heart is God's salvation.

I know my Grandma loves me you see,
For she worries about me doing what's right,
She makes sure when I lay down to sleep,
I'm wrapped in Jesus' love e'er so tight.

I love you Grandma!!!!!!!!

Gayle Davisİ
22 February 2006


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Music: A World Of Our Own

M C Shelly Original Music
Written, Arranged and Performed
By: M. C. Shelly
Used With Permission


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