Gift Box Of Love

I have a special gift box of love
Iím sending just to a loving friend
Itís filled up with all my love and care
Iím hoping it will always comfort you

The box is filled to the very brim
With hundreds of hugs and kisses
For youíre a special friend given by God
For God blessed me by the angel in you

Your gentleness, kindness and love
Makes you so special to everyone you meet
Because everyone knows my special friend
You kneel before Godí feet

Here is a special gift of love
Filled with all my love and care
Hope holding it to your beautiful heart
Lets you know I will always be there

For I feel your love surrounding me
Every single minute of every single day
So my lovely friend a box to remind you
Youíre special and loved in every way.

For the great gift God has given me
Your love I hold close to my heart
I know I canít be there with you
For we live so far, far apart

But just remember my dear, dear friend
You hold a big piece of my heart
It is wrapped up in hugs and kisses
In this Godí beautiful box of love

©Heavenly Angel
August 27, 2003







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Butterfly for Little Missy

Music: A Beautiful Friendship

Sequenced by Jack Hall
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